Frequency Counters in Green, Blue & Red LED displays.



KF-VI / KF-6

Frequency Counter Retro-Fit Modifications for 
Cobra 148 GTL-DX, Superstar 360 FM & JenTec Transceivers. are pleased to offer a Frequency Counter 'Retro-Fit' modification for the owners of Cobra 148 GTL-DX, Superstar 360 FM and JenTec Transceivers. This modification incorporates a 6-Digit external Frequency Counter that our Technicians Retro-fit allowing the Transceiver to display BOTH Transmit TX and Recieve RX frequencies, read direct from the VCO (Variable Crystal Oscillator), for very accurate 6-Digit display.

Retro-Fit Install Frequency Counter is supplied with a short flying lead and 6-pin male connector attached. The Frequency Counter connector then matches up with a 6-pin female connector and wiring loom unintrusively 'Retro-fit' to the rear of your Transceiver and professionally intstall the wiring loom onto the main Printed Circuit Board. The Frequency Counter can be used on more than one Transceiver e.g. Superstar 3900 or 148GTL-DX/360FM with the Frequency Counter 'Retro-Fit' Modification.

Options Frequency Counters are available in various colours, Green, Red and Blue*. 6 Digit - 'Hi-Vis' LED's are employed giving excellent resolution, 
even when viewed from a distance and in daylight.

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We let you decide how you want the Frequency Counter mounted by either using the adhesive velcro polystyrene kit (included!) or the metal colour coded mounting bracket with thumb screws (also included!!). This gives you the possibility of mounting the Frequency counter on top of the Transceiver, using the velcro polystyrene kit or metal mounting bracket, or mount the Frequency Counter away from the Transceiver in a convenient place too view, the choice is yours.

Colours offer the Superstar KF-VI frequency counter with 
Green, Blue or Red coloured LED displays.
We also offer Custom modifications, such as several colours in one display:




Frequency Counter

The Frequency Counter 'Retro-Fit' modification is an excellent addition to the Transceivers mentioned and really add to your operating experience of the radio. Now know EXACTLY what Frequency you are listening to and more importantly, Transmitting on. The Frequency Counter has a Power On/Off switch and also incorporates an effective Dimmer control of the 6-Digit LED's for 'Nightime' operation.



The Ultimate add-on "DX Modification" for your Cobra 148 GTL-DX, 
Superstar 360FM or JenTec MKV / COB-P1.

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